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Founded on October 13, 1890 at Cornell University in New York, Delta Chi was formed out of a distinct need for a student body that promoted the advancement of justice, the development of one’s individual character, the acquisition of a sound education, and the development of lifelong friendships. These concepts would form the basis of Delta Chi’s Constitution which is as follows:

“We, the members of The Delta Chi Fraternity, believing that great advantages are to be derived from a brotherhood of college and university men, appreciating that close association may promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education, do ordain and establish this Constitution”

Following in the traditions and values that the Founding Fathers of Delta Chi intended, the Alberta Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity has been a leading example of balancing academic, social, and individual development. Part of a network of 135 chapters across the United States and Canada, Alberta is the northernmost Chapter to date. Colonized on April 1st 1995, Alberta Chapter has earned the respect of the University community through its active participation and organization of philanthropy events, positions in leadership organizations, academic diligence and athletic participation. Members within our Fraternity are held to a high moral standard which is codified within the regulations of the Fraternity, referred to as The Eleven Basic Expectations.

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The gentlemen of Delta Chi are always looking for new brothers to join them on their mission of making campus life an exciting experience. If you have an interest in joining  a fraternity or have any other inquires please email us for more information.

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Why Delta Chi?

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Adam Risling

Why did I join Delta Chi? This is an important question, and perhaps, for someone who has given the time and effort as well as lived the life of a Delta Chi as long and as vigorously as I have; the question “Why did I join?” is even more important and interesting. The short answer to the question is simply that I fell in love with the chapter, and the idea of life long friendship. After going through a strict “Anti-Fraternity” stage early in my University career, I had the pleasure of coming across a Delta Chi through another campus club I was involved with. Immediately after finding my way through the door at the Delta Chi house, I knew that it was the experience I was looking for. It can be hard to explain what exactly the “Fraternity Experience” is, especially to someone that has never had one themselves. As a proud Delta Chi, and University of Alberta Greek, having an open mind, and giving Fraternity a chance is an experience I highly recommend to every single person who attends campus, man or woman. I also encourage anyone who would like to hear more about Delta Chi, be it my experience or Delta Chi in general I encourage you to use the contact information below and give me a call!

Adam Risling

Rush Chair and Associate Member Councilor
Member of the International Delta Chi Ritual Committee
Past President
Past Alumni Relations Officer
Past Fundraising Chair
Alberta Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity

Recent Accolades

1st place Songfest 2011
1st place Songfest 2012
1st place Greek Week 2012
3rd place Greek God 2011
3rd place Speed Read 2011
4th place Anchorsplash 2012
2nd place Anchorsplash 2014
1st place Greek God 2015
1st place Greek Week 2015
A Delta Chi member has been named IFC’s “Member of the Year” for 3 consecutive years: Marcus Erlandson 2010, Kristopher Banner 2011, Josh Connauton 2012

TEA Night


In the early 19th century, American universities centered their studies on Greek and Latin classic literature. This literature dominated any classroom discussion. As such the universities strongly disapproved of discussions on current events, and in some cases even disciplined those who took part in them. This environment placed emphasis on classic instruction, rather than preparing individuals for society. Students needed a place to foster friendships, exchange ideas, and discuss these current
events, so they formed secret groups and clubs. These clubs and societies adopted Greek letters, and
became the first fraternities.

The Delta Chi Fraternity was founded in Ithica, New York, at Cornell University in 1890. Originally founded as a law fraternity, Delta Chi has changed much in the last 118 years. Now a general fraternity, accepting young men from all disciplines and degrees, Delta Chi has grown to over 125 chapters with over 100,000 initiated men throughout North America. We still maintain the original principles of respect and observance of the law. The four core values of our fraternity are character, friendship,
justice, and education. The pillars upon which the organization is based, these values were paramount to our founding fathers and ring just as true today as they did back in 1890.

The Alberta Chapter of Delta Chi was founded at the University of Alberta in 1995, by 15 young men interested in academics and campus involvement. TEA Night was established in 1998, the year after our official chartering, and has since become one of our most notable campus events. The active chapter today prides itself on the continuation of this excellent tradition. We truly believe in quality Undergraduate experiences for every student; that each student should be allowed the chance to
develop to his or her full potential.

For the nomination of this award, an active member of our fraternity may nominate a professor that has demonstrated exceptional effort to the instruction of his or her students. Exceptional effort includes things such as being available for out of class instruction, enthusiasm in teaching, adding humor and
personality into their instruction, and going above and beyond the university mandate for instruction.

Professors must be nominated by an active chapter member before February 28thas awards are presented in the final two weeks of March of that scholastic year.


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