Welcome to the Delta Chi Alberta Chapter

Founded on October 13, 1890, at Cornell University in New York, Delta Chi was formed out of a distinct need for a student body that promoted the advancement of justice, the development of one’s individual character, the acquisition of a sound education, and the development of lifelong friendship.

Following in the traditions and values that the Founding Fathers of Delta Chi intended, the Alberta Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity has been a leading example of balancing academic, social, and individual development. Part of a network of 135 chapters across the United States and Canada, Alberta is the northernmost Chapter to date. Colonized on April 1st, 1995, Alberta Chapter has earned the respect of the University community through its active participation and organization of philanthropy events, positions in leadership organizations, academic diligence, and athletic participation.


The Preamble

“We, the members of The Delta Chi Fraternity, believing that great advantages are to be derived from a brotherhood of college and university men, appreciating that close association may promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education, do ordain and establish this Constitution.”



Recent Accolades

Delta Chi President’s Cup (2017)

Delta Chi Award of Excellence (2017)

1st place Greek God & Goddess (2016)

1st place Anchorsplash (2016)

1st place Greek Week (2015)

1st place Greek God (2015)

1st place Anchorsplash (2015)

          “When I embarked on my university career wide eyed and naïve, I, like so many of my colleagues, failed to recognize the importance of undertaking a scholastic experience outside of university. Looking back, I can safely say that my undergraduate career was defined not by my major and my studies, but instead by the projects, friendship, and leadership opportunities I undertook as a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity. While my undergraduate education taught me a great deal about my field, my Delta Chi undergraduate education taught me about leadership through example, about mentorship of others, and about true friendship. The friends I have made within this amazing organization will continue to influence and shape my life in new and challenging directions, forcing me to grow as a person much farther into my post university career than my undergraduate career will take me.
          Being a member of Delta Chi wasn’t just about being a Fraternity man, or the “Fraternity Experience”. Being a member of Delta Chi was a lifelong commitment to friendship, integrity, and excellence, that continues to shape my life even now as the Alumni Advisor to the Delta Chi Alberta Chapter.
          My Delta Chi education began in my first year, and each and every year has blessed me with opportunities to succeed in new ventures and embrace new challenges alongside other excellent gentlemen. Each chair position within Delta Chi offers a unique opportunity for our members to grow, and each executive position grants amazing undergraduate leadership experience that will be invaluable in the workforce. Our international organization is similarly an excellent platform for leadership development and provides networking opportunity across North America that have proven invaluable in my life.”

          “The “Fraternity Experience” is vague and hard to quantify. For myself, my undergraduate Delta Chi career was comprised of experiences that acted as a crucible for my growth, surrounded me with individuals who wanted to make a difference, and friends who desired to become their best version of themselves. While each chapter is different, one of the Delta Chi Alberta Chapter’s true strengths is its members’ commitment to character. Each and every member is committed to growth and excellence and strives to become the best man they can be. For a young and impressionable adult, that drive to achieve excellence was a huge boon to my education and drove me to succeed in all facets of my life. Not just school, but my personal relationships, and the responsibilities I undertook. Instead of asking “why Delta Chi?” perhaps instead ask “why not Delta Chi?” The journey of a lifetime and lifelong brotherhood awaits.”

Anthony Asquin

Former Alumni Advisor

Scholarship Advisor – 2015-2016

GGnG Dancer – 2011-2015

“D” or VP Finance – 2013-2014

“C” or VP Secretary – 2012-2013

Fundraising chair – 2012-2013

Social chair – 2011-2012

Rush chair – 2011-2012

The Eleven Basic Expectations

Delta Chi has a collection of expectations for each member to uphold. These Eleven Basic Expectations serve as an extension of our Preamble and give us more specific principles to live by:

1. I will strive for academic achievement and practice academic integrity.

2. I will respect the dignity and worth of all persons. I will not physically, mentally, psychologically or sexually abuse or haze any human being.

3. I will protect the health and safety of all human beings.

4. I will respect my property and the property of others; therefore, I will neither abuse nor tolerate the abuse of property.

5. I will meet my financial obligations in a timely manner.

6. I will neither use nor support the use of illegal drugs; I will neither abuse nor support the abuse of alcohol.

7. I will acknowledge that a clean and attractive environment is essential to both physical and mental health; therefore, I will do all in my power to see that the chapter property is safe, properly cleaned and maintained.

8. I will know and understand the ideals expressed in my fraternity Ritual and will incorporate them into my daily life.

9. I will exercise compassion and understanding in dealing with all persons.

10. I will sustain my commitment to and involvement with our fraternity throughout my lifetime.

11. I will challenge all my fraternity members to abide by these fraternity obligations and will confront those who violate them.