“Not he who has much is rich but he who gives much.”

– Erich Fromm


The Race for Jimmy V

In support of the V Foundation for Cancer Research, The Alberta Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity host an annual Amazing Race style event across the City of Edmonton in which teams of two compete to solve clues and complete challenges in order to win. It is an incredibly fun event in support of Cancer research, and 100% of every dollar raised goes to the direct funding of cancer research. In the immortal words of Jim Valvano regarding the fight against cancer “Don’t Give Up… Don’t Ever Give Up!”. To donate and to learn more about the V Foundation, please visit jimmyv.org.

Blood Drives

As a Canadian chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity, we support Canadian Blood Services. Most people do not realize that blood is in dangerously short supply unless a loved one has been in an accident. At Delta Chi we recognize that there is a constant and increasing need for blood. We passionately engage with the University of Alberta community to increase awareness of this fact, as well as making it easier to donate blood by having regular blood drives. We are proud to post donation numbers that are far and above corporations, towns, and other local chapters. Donating blood is the most important philanthropic endeavor we do, as for every donation Canadian Blood Services receives you know that up to four lives can be saved. If you are eligible to donate, please contact us or Canadian Blood Services for more information. Come bleed for Delta Chi and Canadian Blood Services to make sure those who can be saved in an accident are saved from an accident. One hour, up to four lives saved.


TEA – Teacher Appreciation Night

In the early 19th century, American universities centered their studies on Greek and Latin classic literature. This literature dominated any classroom discussion. As such the universities strongly disapproved of discussions on current events, and in some cases even disciplined those who took part in them. This environment placed emphasis on classic instruction, rather than preparing individuals for society. Students needed a place to foster friendships, exchange ideas, and discuss these current events, so they formed secret groups and clubs. These clubs and societies adopted Greek letters, and became the first fraternities.

The Delta Chi Fraternity was founded in 1890 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Originally founded as a law fraternity, Delta Chi has changed much in the last 129 years. Now a general fraternity, accepting young men from all disciplines and degrees, Delta Chi has grown to over 125 chapters with over 100,000 initiated men throughout North America. We still maintain the original principles of respect and observance of the law. The four core values of our fraternity are character, friendship, justice, and education. The pillars upon which the organization is based, these values were paramount to our founding fathers and ring just as true today as they did back in 1890.

The Alberta Chapter of Delta Chi was founded at the University of Alberta in 1995, by 15 young men interested in academics and campus involvement. TEA Night was established in 1998, the year after our official chartering, and has since become one of our most notable campus events. The active chapter today prides itself on the continuation of this excellent tradition. We truly believe in quality undergraduate experiences for every student; that each student should be allowed the chance to develop to their full potential.

For the nomination of this award, an active member of our fraternity may nominate a professor that has demonstrated exceptional effort to the instruction of his or her students. Exceptional effort includes things such as being available for out of class instruction, enthusiasm in teaching, adding humour and personality into their lessons, and going above and beyond the university mandate for instruction.